Could This Be The Reason You Are Struggling With Sales? by Javnyuy Joybert

You may be struggling to make sales because of carelessness or laziness…

In business, there are many actions that can cause a business to experience poor sales. One of those reasons I want to talk about is;

Poor response to customers inquiries or
Slow response to customer’s inquiries

Here is what I mean,

– I have come across Facebook pages created by businesses and I get a number from this Facebook page to call, inquire and possibly buy from them, most at times the number doesn’t go through or someone never pickup or they always call back late

– Surely you have sent a message through Facebook page or even an email inquiry to a business and they never get back to you or they got back to you after 2 weeks or more

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Many at times, for sales to happen, the customer will have to know you first, inquire about you and your product, trust you before giving you money for the value you offer. Whatever happens during the inquiry stage will either lead to sales or not.

According to a research by InsideSales,30-50% of sales go to the business that responds first to customers inquiries. As I said earlier, many business people are struggling with sales because of carelessness or laziness.

Hear this, having a working inquiry system in place that guarantees high-value engagements and creating a unique experience for prospects and clients during the inquiry stage or information request stage of the customer buying process will increase your sales. We can help you design a perfect system for this +237674949153

If your business strategy or business model does have in a place a system that can give your future clients a quick and easy way to access and get the right information then is incomplete.


Javnyuy Joybert
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