3 Core Ground Elements for Tangible Results in Life, Career & Business by Javnyuy Joybert

3 Core Ground Elements for Tangible #Results in Life, Career & Business

Whether you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, a student, a job seeker, these 3 ground elements are critical for you.

These are elements that you surely have heard and read over and over but without proper consciousness and intentionality towards the manifestation of these elements, nothing will change.

1. Vision
Jack Welch one of the greatest CEOs of all times in modern business once said, “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”
Having a vision is critical in whatever you do in life. Hear this, in life, career and business, every good or bad decision is the result of one’s vision followed by either success or failure however small or big.

Nothing frames your life like a purposeful vision. If you do not have a well written down life vision, career vision, business vision I strongly recommend you do that. Talk to your mentor or hire a Coach to walk you through. Vision crafting is worth paying for. (Whatsapp me 674949153)

Innovation is often the result of seeing or dreaming (visioning) of a future that isn’t thought possible by countless average people

2. Self-Discipline
Let me be blunt…
You cannot succeed in life, career and business without self-discipline. Like you pray and fast for 365 days and go to church 6 days a week. In short, you need self-discipline to even pray and go to church.

If this particular element is not embedded in your daily living DNA then you are not ready to conquer your goals.

Success comes to those who are masters not beginners. It takes a certain high degree of self-discipline to reach the level of mastery in your field.

When you are truly self disciplined, you intentionally create the strength and will to continue carrying out what you want to achieve despite setbacks and hardships.
Self discipline people don’t have incomplete projects or tasks here and there. Order my course on “How to Become Self Discipline” WhatsApp 674949153.

Having self-discipline helps us to overcome laziness and procrastination and prevents us from taking lives, careers and businesses for granted

3. Relentless Execution
You alone are responsible for your quality of life. “The level of execution you put in either in life, career or business will determine the quality of results” Javnyuy J

The great master key to wealth is nothing more or less than relentless execution. Poor people never execute anything tangible while wealthy people create visions, break them down into goals, discipline themselves to stay the course and ruthlessly execute to achieve the desired outcomes.

Let me ask you eeh, do you really really want to accomplish goals and do something valuable in your life? Then master the art of execution. Relentless tactical execution gets you to the goal.

One important thing to do as a relentless executioner is to set up benchmarks to measure the performance of your execution. One key thing successful entrepreneurs had in common is that they were relentless about execution.

For reading to the end, thank the head state 😀.


Javnyuy Joybert

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