Book Press Release: Javnyuy Joybert on Amazon & Kindle

Book Press Release: Javnyuy Joybert on Amazon and Kindle


Javnyuy Joybert’s bestselling book in Cameroon titled “From Average to Unforgettable” is now available on Kindle-Reader and


Book Introduction:

Some of people may think they have chosen the wrong path and that is why they think their growth is slow and meanwhile they have the wrong mindset and skills to experience the right growth rate. True significance influence lives, Influences the future, create dreams, lead execution and change the world we live in. Average people do not experience this, only people who have developed themselves to become unforgettable experience this. This book is designed to take you from an average person to an unforgettable person with influence. This book will enable you find complete clarity; show you how to experience exponential growth in your personal life, career and business and legacy that lasts. We are more impactful when we understand what is needed, and why.


This book will show what is needed for an unforgettable life and how to experience it. Change is the result of genuine understanding and learning. I have no doubt you will experience resounding change in key areas of your life as you go through this book and consistently execute. This book will show you how taking personal responsibility and being accountable for creating your life will take you from an average to the unforgettable level. When you go through this book, you will learn how when you take responsibility for yourself, you can move to action, choose to craft a vision, map out a path, and make a plan to acquire the skills, knowledge, experiences, support, and resources you need to do what you love.


It enables you to focus on your strengths, face your challenges, overcome obstacles, and attain the unforgettable life you want. Be rest assured it is not an easy journey to leave from average to unforgettable; you have to put in the hard work and make difficult choices. When you make the effort, you will challenge your old assumptions, average lifestyle, and challenge the belief system that is stopping you from experiencing the unforgettable lifestyle.

Living an unforgettable life is not just an opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime. It is an invitation that awaits us every single day. Through this book am giving you that singular invitation and a proven tool that will lead you to that experience. To end, this book will help you live a better life regardless of where you are today or where you are going tomorrow (vision). I guarantee you; if you integrate the daily truths, you will learn into your daily life, your life will become unforgettable 5 months from now.


Order this incredible book on Kindle and or Paperback (hard copy) on Amazon by clicking here or the link below 

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