Urgent Upgrade, Cameroon Education System – Javnyuy Joybert

Any Teacher Training College (TTC institution) in Cameroon that have not added courses like Online Learning Management System, Virtual platforms usage & teaching techniques etc. The present and the future require eTeachers with effective eTeaching skills.
When it comes to technology, majority of teachers in Cameroon are rapidly outdated. While our students (urban) prefer assignments to be sent through emails so they can do on their laptops, tablets, phones etc teachers still want to use papers. TTCs stop using 1980, 2010 curriculum to train teachers to teach in 2021 and above. Upgrade quick or our schools will keep graduating failures (graduates with outdated skills)


Universities in Cameroon still teaching a marketing degree program without adding courses on marketing on social media platforms, creating short engaging videos, graphics designing, image management, e-commerce, drop shipping etc then they are still using 1990, 2010 curriculum to train students to fail in 2021 and above.

Any university in Cameroon still teaching degree in Banking and finance without adding courses on Fintech, crypto currency, data analysis etc then they are still using 1990, 2010 curriculum to train students to fail in 2021 and above.

I could go on and on in almost all fields. In my experience as a skills development expert, trainer and a deep researcher in the future of work, organizations of the future which led me to publish a book titled “The Future of Work in Africa – What Professionals Should Know & Do”. My aim is to contribute to reshaping the system especially from the private sector perspective since we cannot wait for our governments because they will be late.

We should be worried in Africa and Cameroon. We produce what we do not consume and consume what we do not produce. We have the highest unemployment and under-employment rate in the world and have the highest problems that our graduates cannot solve. Higher institutions should wake up. Stop depending totally on the government-approved curriculum it is still a total mess up. Create more extra learning activities and programs.

We never change the future to fit our young people; we can only prepare the young people for the future.(Connect with me on whatsapp +237 674949153)

I will stretch you for the future of business.
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Any student that is not investing in self-learning, personal development events, following disruptive thought leaders you will always be behind news.

The future of education will involve technology. Moreover, it will not be just a little bit. Technology will take over your classroom whether you like it or not. As a teacher, you should be prepared. As a school owner be prepared for it. If not students will leave your school to a school that can give them what they want and that is bad business for you.

It makes no sense to ignore it. You will only fall behind even more. Repent and upgrade. Urgent upgrade.


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