You Cannot be a Normal Businessperson (Entrepreneur)…by Javnyuy Joybert

You cannot be a normal businessperson (entrepreneur)…

With so many businesses vying for attention with often similar products, similar processes, similar sounding & compelling marketing messages, customers have difficulty deciding which one to choose and which one they will trust.

You now see why you cannot be a normal businessperson (executive) if you really desire to succeed in that #business?

To run a business that will become an industry leader, with the right brand leadership the person in charge (Founder, Manager, CEO etc) must not be normal.

The person in charge must;
– Be a disruptor
– Think like a Rebel
– Have the mindset of a principality
– Manifest a dominant spirit
– Ruthlessly insightful and more
– Obsessed with excellent delivery

Truth is, entrepreneurship and business is not for the faint hearted, not for people who want to be pampered or people who like looking for pity. Not for people who love to be comfortable. Competitors are devourers. While you are feeling sorry for yourself, they will devour your customers (market share). You cannot be in business and expect to handle tangible results by thinking and acting normal.

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Refuse to approach your business with a normal mindset and actions.

Let this poem by Wayne Visser inspire you to be more:

We may not sail the Seven Seas / Or board a rocket ship to Mars / Yet still we know to catch the breeze / And set our sights upon the stars

We may not run an enterprise / Or lead a nation and its realm / Yet still we have the wings to rise / And many ways to take the helm

We may not walk the halls of fame / Or take the prize in fortune’s race / Yet still we stand behind our name / And make the world a better place

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Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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  1. Cho Terence Asangwe

    You truly cannot head an enterprise or run a business if you expect to be pampered or to pamper your team. Great article, looking forward to taking one of these courses. Great write up!!!

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