Organizational Leadership Begins With Self by Javnyuy Joybert

Dear Entrepreneurs & Business Executives, organizational leadership doesn’t begin with people, it begins with Self.

Self leadership is a core leadership pillar for Entrepreneurs & Executives. Self leadership describes how you lead your own life – setting your course, following it, and correcting as you go.

The question is, how do you expect to set a strong course ( business vision), following (executing) the course and correcting as you progress so that other people can believe in the course when you cannot lead self?

Until you can effectively lead self, your ability to lead the team and the institution will remain questionable.

The concept of self leadership is about how an entrepreneur and executive influences his or her self to perform more effectively in leading teams, leading operations, delegating, handling conflicts, pushing for growth etc.

As Entrepreneurs and business executives, to lead others well, to lead the institutions well, we need to first lead ourselves. To lead ourselves effectively it’s important
– We have a developed sense of who we are
– We have a developed sense of what we can do.
– We have to intentionally manage our emotions
– We have to govern our behavior from the place of reasoning not the place of emotion
– We have to master how to communicate effectively
– We have to embody a growth mindset (continuous improvement)

Hear this, when business is demanding and the business ecosystem becomes unpredictable, the executives who lead themselves from the inside out excel.

Executives who lead self well, have greater focus, direction and stability.

What did you learn today?

How will you apply in your daily life?


You are Rare You are Remarkable

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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