Journey of Success Attitude – by Javnyuy Joybert

In the journey of success especially as an entrepreneur and corporate professional, two attitudes will define what you will handle as achievements…


  1. Preparation to Overcome Obstacles.
  2. Readiness to Capitalize on Relevant Opportunities.


These two may sound simple but many find it difficult to execute.


Your ability to overcome obstacles in your journey starts with the right preparation especially psychologically. It takes a prepaid mindset, prepared spirit, prepared attitude to overcome obstacles in the journey of success. Before you embark on the journey you tell yourself this “I know on this journey to significance, life will throw things at me, I will fail, I will make bad decisions, I will struggle but my mission is to finish well with significant results”


Hear this, without wholehearted commitment to the mission; obstacles will eat you for lunch. shout “God forbid bad things”.



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When it comes to opportunities hear this, laisses-fair people or people who do things on guess work never maximize opportunities. It takes intentional strategy and approach to Capitalize on relevant opportunities.

Many people do not know how to capitalize on the right opportunities because;

– They are disconnected from opportunities

– They have the wrong belief system

– Fear of doing something new

– Comfort zone is caging them

– Their close friends holding them back from scaling

– The wrong mindset (no winning mindset)

– Poor skills to capitalize


When an obstacle comes your way on your journey to significance are you prepared put it where it belongs? When an opportunity shows up, how confident are you to capitalize on it?


You need this to be prepared for opportunities in business…


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Javnyuy Joybert

Mr Remarkable