Your Life on Life Support? by Javnyuy Joybert

Your Life on Life Support? by Javnyuy Joybert

Take care, you are about to crash, you are about to miss-out on life if you are manifesting some of these signs. Poor decisions, poor actions, negative influence may have brought you this far (danger zone), the good news is, it is not too late to make a U-turn.

What comes to your mind when you hear someone is in the hospital and is on “life support”. You immediately know something is not right.

Signs your life could be on life support.

1. Your self-discipline is highly poor. You cannot succeed if you cannot discipline yourself

2. You have uncompleted projects. How do you expect to succeed when you do not finish what you start? Your life is on life support

3. You procrastinate important tasks. Forget about being successful if you cannot take initiative to get things done at the right time

4. You want to please everyone. You will always be on life support if you want to make everyone happy.

5. You are not asking for what you want. You are on life support if you keep your mouth close. Ask for help, ask for recommendations, ask for a new challenge, ask for new opportunities and stop expecting people to read your mind

6. You are playing it safe. When you play it safe you are always in your comfort zone where nothing of value grows. Take on new challenges, take risks.

7. You lack persistence. You always quit when things get tough. Lack of persistence will put your life on life support because you will always give up

8. Avoiding failure. Being afraid to fail paralyzes us. Do not be afraid to fail, be afraid of being on life support for not having the courage to try

9. Poor and horrible believe system. Your life will be on life support if you do not believe in yourself, believe in your abilities and believe in your tomorrow

10. Excuses will put you on life support. You blame others for your life, your blame your present condition on your last mistakes, you blame your government…you blame anything “blame-able”

11. Shutting down to advice. Your life is on life support if you do not accept advice and feedback. Seek constructive advice from the right people

12. Low productivity. Your inability to produce results maybe because you cannot overcome distraction and you are disorganized.  No life results means you are on life support.

13. Poor daily routine. Poor daily habits will only destroy your life

14. Poor skills. Poor skills means you cannot get things done, poor skills means poor performance. You are on life support if you lack relevant skills like soft skills, employability skills, enterprise development skills, leadership skills, community development skills….

15. You have no clear vision. If you do not have what you want to get out of life, you are definitely on life support because in the real sense you do not have a life

16. You do not work hard. It is simple, if you do not do the work, you will not see the results. Feeling entitled for what you have not worked for means you are on life support. Doing the work to be successful is non-negotiable.

17. Hanging out with the wrong people (their lives already on life support). Failure to connect with inspiring people will lead you to life support unit

18. Talking too much without action. You will be on life support, if you are good at talking, but do not know how to make your goals to happen.   

Your next level is in your hands. You have to get angry at your current level and start making changes. If not you will remain stuck.

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  1. Forgwe George

    I bless God for you sir, you have really been a blessing in my life though you don’t know me personally. I strongly believe that within a month of following your coaching, I am going to be a total transformed person. May God keep increasing you more and more sir.

  2. Prince Fonakwo Edward Tawa

    You are a blessing to our generation and the one’s yet to come. I am overwhelmed with you teachings and instructions.
    God gave you to us at a time like this for productive expansion.
    I am privileged to be connected to such a Remarkable icon as you.
    Keep enriching the earth and your limits are unlimited.
    Thank you Coach Javnyuy Joybert aka Mr Remarkable

  3. Nkenen Brendaline shieke

    Thank you. I am really on life support.

    1. admin

      Time to change and push forward

  4. Backbuin Kerry

    Life support is what I am on

    Time to make a U turn

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