Success Engineering Level JJ-2.0 -Build Capacity in 2 Areas

Success Engineering Level JJ-2.0

The Core: Build Capacity to Manage Your Activities (Your Time) & Build Capacity to Know How Money Works.

Let me give you a tip from “JJ’s Success Engineering Playbook”. In the fundamentals of engineering sustainable success, there are 15 things you need to build capacity towards but today let me hint you about 2.

1. Build capacity towards managing your activities (your time).
Many times you hear people say, “I am horrible at time management” in real sense, they are saying, “I am horrible at planning my life and key activities”. We cannot manage time we can only manage our activities to fit into time.

Therefore, it is simple you have to take responsibility to manage your activities in relation to the 24 hours or 12 months you have available.

To achieve this be intentional in the following areas
– Always have a priority list before you get up from bed if not go back to sleep
– Intentionally stay focus with the time you have
– Avoid distractions
– Practice self-discipline & tap into your personal power

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2. Build Capacity to Know How Money Works
Many people desire this thing called “Money” but very few really know how it works. Financial intelligence is a core skill in the journey of success. Hear this; your ignorance will always beat you at your own game. Poverty will always conquer you as long as you do not know how money works. To know how money works, let us break it down into 5 areas. Learn
– How to make it
– How to keep it
– How to invest it
– How to spend it selfishly (take care of the body that works the money)
– How to use it selflessly (to serve others)

To succeed, it is your responsibility to learn how money works in these dimensions. You have 2 choices, either you master money or money will master you. Moreover, you are always on the losing side when money masters you. Intentionally learn how to get or earn money, how to multiply money through strong investments, how to spend money and how to give money to help people.

To conclude, avoid getting cut up in the little matters, the tiny things, the issues that do not add value to your precious life.

Tap into your personal power, tap into God’s power and conquer this new week

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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