Javnyuy Joybert – Guest Speaker: Catholic University Institute Douala Campus

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Javnyuy Joybert CEO of CODEF Group LTD drilled CUIB Douala students on “Embracing change and challenges: A breakthrough to a spectrum of opportunity”


“You must have a strategy and set objective goals which can be attainable without you compromising your value and dignity as you move up with your professional career” these were some of the words used by Javnyuy Joybert the first guest speaker for 2021 in the CUIB Douala campus as he drilled the students on building up a good career path amidst a crisis situation.


The guest speaker ceremony is an entrepreneurial flagship tradition during which the institution invites prominent entrepreneurs, CEOs, social and community leaders to drill the students on the reality of life in their different careers and how to make good use of every opportunity that comes their way.


Every last Wednesday of the month, the event is coordinated by the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation and organized on both CUIB campuses.


Javnyuy Joybert CEO of CODEF Group LTD was speaking on Wednesday 27th January 2021 under the theme “Embracing change and challenges: A breakthrough to a spectrum of opportunity” during which he told the students that they should look for opportunities in a crisis and should never stop believing in themselves.


According to Javnyuy Joybert, the young entrepreneurs should not limit their ideas to themselves but must try to share their ideas with people that they think can help them realize the idea and make it work. He said a good entrepreneur is someone who looks at a problem, asks questions on what caused the problem and later develops solutions to resolve the problems.


He used the case of the ongoing coronavirus in which he told the students that many entrepreneurs have become very productive and richer during this period of pandemic due to the fact that they identified the needs of the people within the crisis like investing in IT, building apps that can permit workers to work from home, producing hand sanitizers, facemasks amongst others.

He encouraged the students to break their silence and network with one another which will improve their level of social thinking and capacity development. “Don’t only be a student who comes to school, takes lectures and leaves without networking with other students. Be a student that would come to school, take lectures and interact with other students”


“Never be afraid to fail as an entrepreneur, when you fail see it as an opportunity to do better because failure empowers you and makes you see different ways of doing things. As an entrepreneur I have failed many times and each time I fail I rise up and get things going which has made me to achieve a lot in life” Javnyuy Joybert told the students during the event


The students had the opportunity to pose questions to Javnyuy Joybert who took his time to explain to them how they can overcome their fears.

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