CEOs Make Clear Cut Decisions – Javnyuy Joybert

There’s one thing about being a CEO…

Sadly, this thing (position) CEO has been grossly misrepresented. We have people who are still at self employed level, founders level, initiative leaders level, manager level, etc calling themselves CEO (we will break it down another day).

One thing about CEOs is, they know how to make clear cut firm decisions when they identify one. They don’t pamper things that should be cut off.

A CEO, should have the ability to put a stop to bad practices, establishing good ones, and developing a self-discipline mindset for himself and the team. This requires boldness, tenacity and courage to execute.

A CEO should not pamper a bad practice that should be terminated immediately especially if it is hurting the vision and operations of the institution.

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If you are a CEO reading this, let me ask you
“What are you pampering in your business right now that will hurt you tomorrow?”

– An employee that comes late to work consistently

– An employee that speaks to customers anyhow

– A CEO that uses business money anyhow for private use

– An employee that steals from the business for private use

– That employee who always undermines your team with their negativity. There is a difference between disagreeing to bring ideas to push the business forward and being negative.

– Employee with high frequent unexcused absences

– Employee that frequently does not complete work or task and submit on time

– Employee with disrespectful and abusive behavior

Dear CEO,
Do you have the ability to put a stop to bad practices, establishing good ones?

Keep building the dream

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable