Your Value Determine the Quality of Your Relationships by Javnyuy Joybert

Few weeks back, a good friend of mine shared on his status, he urgently needs 300k. When I saw the status update, it was 3 minutes and I reached out if he still needed the money so I could send. And he said “Thank you bro, another guy just sent, let me even delete the status update”

For those who have attended any session where I am talking about networking, I have always said “If you are 20 years and above and have a financial problem of 200k and your 5 closest friends cannot raise that money in 3 minutes for you, then your circle has some issues”

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying friendship should be defined primarily by money, but the fact is, your quality of life, the kind of value you command determines the kind of people you have in your circle. Hear this “Incredible superior value does not attract people who are poor in the mind and in their bank account”

Another close friend of mine came to the office sometime looking for urgent 15 million XAF for a business trip in Belgium that just came up. I said we will raise it. The first thing we did was to write down the names of our close friends and we started calling before we reached the 4th person the money was raised and he was on the next flight to Belgium. Credibility, command of value and trust are critical in building stable relationships.

Hear this and hear this well, the quality of your relationships is in direct proportion to the quality of your life. Surround yourself with people that make you happy and lift you up higher, not bring you down, not drain you.

Stop having vampires as friends. If they do not want to upgrade leave them behind. You will be much better off and grow as a human being exponentially. Your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, family members are there to support you and help you along your journey!

I conclude with this, “Unless you address and fix your personal problems, issues, behaviors and bad habits, you will forever wallow in mediocre relationships”



Javnyuy Joybert