“I Cannot Be Broke, Poor or Job-Seeking If I Read Marketing/Sales in School”

“I Cannot Be Broke, Poor or Job-Seeking If I Read Marketing/Sales in School”

I have been saying this, and I will say it again, “I Cannot Be Broke, Poor Or Job-Seeking If I Read Marketing/Sales in the university or any professional school as they call it”.

The highest level of witchcraft among graduate job seekers is with university graduates who read marketing, sales and even other business related programs.

How can you read marketing and you are jobless and broke? I do not know who sold this lie to us in Cameroon that marketers and sales people sit in offices with ACs. As a job seeker, only looking for a job with an air-conditioned office with a marketing degree and knowledge will not change your condition. 

Suggested actions marketing graduates can take today and be self-employed. It is easy to start a business in marketing with little or no capital.

1. Create a working business relationship with furniture makers in your town to market and sale their furniture products and deduct your commission. Most of these people are still practicing ancient business where they produce and wait for customers to come look for them and that is a gap for you to fill by taking the products to the customers. How can you do this? Build a relationship, agree on a specific price, take good pictures, and promote across your network and social media platforms

2. Contact amazing Cameroonian authors in your town to market and sale their books. Across Cameroon, you will find incredible authors in business, personal development, finance etc. You can get the books at a wholesale price and attend workshops, conferences, seminars, churches, visit schools and sale at retail prices

3. Meet event, conference and workshop organizers to plan and execute promotional campaigns for their programs and receive a commission for each ticket you sale. How can you do this? If you see an event flyer reach out to the organizer, tell him or her what you can do, the results you can produce and how you will like to be paid. All event organizers want to have a successful sold out event they will hardly say no.

4. Get in contact with school proprietors. Every day you see these school owners struggling to promote their schools to get students. Make a deal with them, it could be either a primary school, secondary school or a higher institution, for any student you bring, you get paid

5. Join network-marketing companies. Most of these network-marketing companies have great products that many people buy and believe in. Forget about the referral part of the business just focus on selling their products and make some cash

6. Work with general electronics and office equipment dealers. If you are good with electronics, where you can easily detect fake and original this could be a good fit for you. Have a good business deal with these electronic and office equipment shop owners to market and sale their products in your community both offline and online for a commission

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7. Collaborate with business consultants, insurance service providers, comedians and any other service provider to promote their services, act like their business development managers, know their pricing modalities, negotiate deals on their behalf and be paid in the process

8. Go to local startups around you. These entrepreneurs have amazing products but are barely making good money because they are not able to sale effectively outside their own network. Reach out to tech startups, agricultural startups, food processing startups etc. Get their products, market and sale and get paid on commission.

Here is the fact, in the business ecosystem; the money is in marketing, sales and distribution. Every other part of business will only rise when these three parts succeed.

Marketing and sales can change your career and financial life but it will require massive consistent action from your part. You cannot be lazy and expect to succeed in marketing. Moreover, to succeed exponentially in marketing and sales, you will need to build these key soft skills

– Building networks and relationships

– Communication

– Product presentation

– People management and emotional intelligence

– Social media marketing

– Content writing and promotion

– Outreach and Coordination

– Creativity

– Branding and reputation management

– Taking independent actions

As a graduate unemployed marketing student, freelance marketing is one of your fastest ways out of that situation.

If you are making up your mind to venture into this path, remember this, treat yourself like a business structure. As a freelance marketer, you are your own business.

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    Oh my God what manner of gift is this! You have just solved a billion dollar problem Coach Javnyuy.
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    Nothing awesome can bye pass your direction.
    Thank you for being our solution to unemployment Coach.

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      Thank you so much Sir Tawa for your kind words. We need to continue pushing our people to rise above these limitations. We can do this.

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    This great. One thing is our poor education system that produces people with only theory, no form of intensive practicals.

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      Thank you so much Mr Bole. We need to keep pushing our young people. Kindly share

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    Massive input Mr Remarkable. Tired of seeing most of our brothers and sisters roaming the streets with long files seeking job where as they are their own job.

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      Thank you so much for stopping by to read, comment and share. We need to keep pushing our young people to wake up to action lifestlye

      Keep going forward

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    Great Write up. Mind blowing ideas.

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