My First Outing in 2020: CITEC Higher Institute of Technology & Management – Yaoundé

Today Sunday 05th January 2020 on the invitation of CITEC student body & management, I led an interactive incredible session with undergraduate students from different faculties on “Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship & Employability”

We spoke on a couple of things let me highlight some with you

1. See failure as an important component in Career & Business success.

Students interested to start businesses or look for dream jobs sighted fear of failure as their biggest problem. I told them, “No one can know for you. That’s why you have to face life, fail & grow your experience”. “Being afraid to even try is the enemy of your extraordinary career & business success” Javnyuy J

2. Employers are seeking value driven professionals not just average jobseekers.

Some said their biggest fear is leaving school & not getting jobs. I challenged them that employers are not looking for job seekers to fill positions but seeking value driven professionals to design solutions that can be practically executed to drive growth in their organizations. Instead of emphasizing the need for specific titles and experience, organizations are shifting towards a focus on the skills that a potential employee may bring. “Having education qualifications alone is not enough; you need to supplement your qualifications with skills. The more well rounded you are, the better because African employers want employees who are agile with specific skills” The African Talent Company

3. Pay the price to raise money to startup a business & stop waiting for someone to give you money to start.

A few students said their desire is to startup businesses after school but fear they will not have capital to start. I challenged them to sacrificially save to raise their startup capital & to start small. And just to add about this capital issue, the problem is, many entrepreneurs who need capital don’t know where to look for it. That’s why the real problem is actually a lack of awareness about where and how to raise capital, and not a lack of capital.

Let me end here. Kindly share with someone who will find it useful.

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