The RCV Business Growth Protocol by Javnyuy Joybert

The RCV Business Growth Protocol by Javnyuy Joybert

As an entrepreneur or businessperson, you are in business it means you want to be successful, after all who does not want to be successful? No one

One of the biggest questions many business people often ask is “How do I drive growth?”

There are many ways to drive growth in business and in this article I will be sharing with you one of my deep insights in driving business growth.

The RCV Business Growth Protocol has engineered incredible results in my business and that of my clients. Let me deconstruct the protocol for you

R: Reputation

C: Capability

V: Visibility

R: Reputation

In business a good reputation helps the business attract opportunities least expected and a bad reputation act like a barrier to good opportunities. Reputation can be the cause of business success or business failure. To achieve the highest level of success for your business, you must pay particular attention to reputation. A good business reputation opens massive doors. It is therefore imperative for business executives to practice reputation management.  Sharing positive information about the business to increase positive sentiment is an effective strategy for reputation management.

You can practically build your business reputation by

– Treating your employees and subordinates well

– Improve customer experience

– Effective communication & announcements

– High integrity and honesty

– Create a standout digital presence

C: Capability

Customers will always choose businesses that can deliver the right value effectively without defects. Growing strong capabilities is imperative for business growth. The business should have capable employees, capable systems and processes, capable visionary leaders (executives). Therefore, if you are going to start and grow a business, you need to be capable. To be capable requires skills, abilities, confidence and results. In the business world, if you are not capable no one cares what you think and no one will follow you. How can you develop strong capability for your business?

– Provide opportunity for consistent staff development

– Encourage the exchange of ideas

– Master the craft of product design

– Consistently evolve, do not be stagnant

V: Visibility

As a business, the only way to sale the value you create is through visibility. For many businesses, the challenge is not to create value but to make their value (products, services, solutions) visible to their target market. It is the responsibility of the business executive, business development officer, marketing manager to carefully create and implement visibility campaigns that can go a long way to position the business value where the target market will easily find. Some proven ways to achieve visibility include

– Traditional marketing like radio, tv, newspaper, magazine adverts

– Organizing public business presentation events

– Speaking in targeted industry events and conferences

– Social media campaigns and conversations

– Business blogging and search engine optimization (you can recruit the services of a professional digital marketer)

Where do you need to take action according to The RCV Business Growth Protocol?

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  1. Bertrand

    What a great content. I have learned a lot from it

    1. admin

      Awesome. Happy to hear

      Keep building that dream career

      Javnyuy Joybert

  2. Tadbet Averra

    I’ll definitely act on capability. I think reputation and visibility can come later after you have acquire competence. Because when you have no skills, but strive to be visible, in the end you’ll only generate a negative reputation. So first thing I’ll take action is my capabilities. Then I can make it visible to the rest of the world. Thank you for your article sir. It’s educative as always.

    1. admin

      You are absolutely right. Keep on building that incredible career.


      Javnyuy Joybert

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