Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 3 Expand Your Horizon & Your Entrepreneurial Intelligence Expands

Welcome to Episode 3 of Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs with Javnyuy Joybert – Mr Remarkable. Today, we will focus on something very critical in entrepreneurial success.

Successful entrepreneurs see learning as a lifelong process and not something that stop when a single success is recorded or after graduation. To succeed you need to keep working hard, keep learning and keep growing which lead to the expansion of your Entrepreneurial Intelligence.

To expand your horizons and build your Entrepreneurial Intelligence, you need to learn. This type of learning (Entrepreneurial Learning) is not only about reading books it’s is about

  • Working hard, trying new things, failing and gathering the experience to build better solutions
  • Reading relevant books in your industry and out of your industry
  • Following economic trends on news papers, magazines and top platforms
  • Have a strong network of successful people you talk to always
  • Walking the streets of your neighborhood and town just to understand how humans interact, think and behave
  • Travel to new countries, new cities, experience different cultures, different ways of doing things and be exposed

In entrepreneurship, the only information that really matters is the information you can put into practice. The Incredible thing about growing your entrepreneurial intelligence is you reach that maturity level where you know how to execute and practice what works.

I always say, national ambitions require national perspective, continental ambitions require continental perspective and global ambitions require global perspective. You can’t start a business in a small little town and expect to leave and expand to other cities or countries successfully without first expanding your horizons and growing your intelligence in that direction. Any entrepreneur who desires to grow must Internationally practice entrepreneurial learning. These lessons will always pay off regardless of where and how you decide to develop your entrepreneurial venture.

Entrepreneurial learning and growth in your personal life are the secrets to long-term success in your professional life as an entrepreneur. And committing to the concept of this type of learning is, to my mind, the most effective way of succeeding as an entrepreneur. To be an innovative entrepreneur is to keep exploring, seeking out new ideas, trying new ways of getting things done, understanding human behaviour, studying trends among others.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work and takes a lot of growth personally and professionally to reach the success you desire. What makes an entrepreneur is the willingness to learn new things outside his or her comfort zone.

Keep building the Entrepreneurial dream. It’s possible


Javnyuy Joybert – Mr Remarkable

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