Javnyuy Joybert’s 6 Steps on How to Develop Clear Goals and Stay Committed

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Let’s briefly talk about the powerful positive effect of how clarity of goals greatly contributes to your commitment towards that dream. In my book, “35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success” (get copies in Douala & Yaoundé) Day 17, I said “Having clarity about your goals is essential to have the motivation to achieve those goals.

If you are not clear on what you are doing, it’s hard to be motivated. The things that keep us away from our goals are not obstacles. Rather, it’s a lack of a clear path to a lesser goal.

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How do you develop clear goals? Remember, it’s not what you know that determines your result. Instead, it’s action. Follow this process and spend some time today to develop clear 2019 goals if you have not done so. Besides, how will you know you have succeeded if you haven’t clearly spelled out your goals?

1. Why

Find out why you want to achieve your goal, and write down clearly what you will gain by achieving that goal.

2. Visualize

It costs nothing to take some quiet time and just visualize your goal. Visualize how your life will look like after achieving this goal.

3. Write it down

Include objectives, obstacles, numbers, duration, the kind of support you will need to achieve the goal. Don’t leave out anything. Write down all the details.

4. Certainty

Be certain that you really want to achieve your goal.

5. Inspiration

Who inspires you? Who is your role model? What qualities does your role model have that you most admire? Answer these honestly.

6. Core values

Set both personal and career goals that strongly relate with your core values. Core values are what you believe is required to have a life well lived. Core values are what you believe to be meaningful and treasured beyond yourself.

To begin the journey of working towards a goal, you first need to ensure that you have complete clarity. That’s the only way you achieve the one page of goals you have set for yourself.

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