There is this ugly narrative rising among young people now in Cameroon

There is this ugly narrative rising among young people now and I think it should be addressed


Many (especially those that have access to social media) only think the only way to “impact, influence & be great” is through holding the mic and being a speaker. Do not misquote me; there is nothing wrong with this (we expect the ones who are recording successes to start inspiring the rising ones to believe in their own dreams)


Many young people have always reached out to me with this particular question “Sir, what can I do to be great, influential and create impact?”


Then I will ask a simple a question


“What does greatness and impact mean to you?”


Truth is, if I have received 100 of these kind of questions in the last 2 months all of them answered in the same direction and here is how the chorus goes “I want to speak in events, I want travel towns and nations to speak and impact people”


Then I will ask again


“Apart from speaking what other way do you think you can create impact, influence and become great?”


They always stay silent or say nothing concrete.


I am afraid what people see on Facebook (social media) is influencing their decisions more than their purpose which should be their central direction.


Hear me, impact and greatness is more than just speaking. You can only excel in this area to create impact when your purpose revolves around one of the spiritual gifts called “Teaching” will talk about this someday.


I always say all these motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, international trainer, Advancement trainer, empowerment coach, life coach etc. are just grammar to brand the word teaching. And teaching is a spiritual gift and a unique calling.


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Therefore, impact cut across. Any idea developed into a sustainable enterprise can create impact, influence and become great.


Anyone who runs a restaurant that is feeding 100 per day and 1000 people per week is creating impact and can increase his or influence and impact to serve 10 000 people month in multiple locations


A fashion designer is creating impact and is becoming great in the process


A tech guy who is building innovative platforms that can serve thousands is creating impact without holding the mic


A school proprietor is creating impact and becoming great without even stepping into any classroom to teach or speaking in education conference


A lady who owns a Saloon and is genuinely serving her clients with class and kindness is creating impact and becoming great in the process


A civil servant who is serving genuinely with a good attitude, not taking bribe is creating impact and becoming great in the process


If you still think impact means, you being a public speaker only or being a celebrity motivational speaker when you have not truly identified your purpose you will not last in the sector. Moreover, note these successful speakers have built incredible careers and amazing sustainable structured institutions. They speak from the place of proof, results and have been trained to follow the arts, science and methodology of speaking and coaching.


Let me leave you with these seeking questions. Take time and find answers


  1. What is your why (purpose?


  1. Do you know where you are going (vision)?


  1. Do you Know what you have to do to get there (strategy & hard work)?


  1. Do you know how to go the extra-mile?


There are somethings in this life you do not attempt through common sense or by letting what other people do influence you. You need to dig deep to find it and if possible seek help from mentor, or someone who can direct you or even fast and pray about it.


Javnyuy Joybert

Mr Remarkable



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