Cameroonians and their travelling abroad thinking – By Javnyuy Joybert

Cameroonians and their abroad thinking…here is what I mean

So, you can be in Cameroon and start a business and very few people will recognize that you are up to something. Moreover, when you share on social media, you will get a few shares, likes etc.

Now, let the same person travel out of the country to Europe, Dubai or America post a picture you will see 700+ likes and hundreds of comments even from friends who have never commented on his or her post in the last 24 months.

Please do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in travelling abroad for better opportunities if you can. What I want us to look at is the terrible mentality we have that someone can only truly succeed in Europe or in America.

For example, this young man came to me after living in Douala for over 6 years. He has done several different jobs and was able to save 4.2 million francs. He came to me with one goal “Mr Joybert give me a line to travel to USA”. Then I started asking him some questions and I discovered how much of a hard worker he is.

When we spoke further and I discovered he love business, then I introduced to him our upcoming import and export masterclass, he got interested and registered. After the masterclass, we spoke and I asked him one question “Out of the 4.2 million you have in your savings how much are you willing to risk that if you lose you will not lose sleep over it” He said “Between 500k to 1 million”.

We then decided he start buying a few selected things from China by investing a total of 1 million into the buying and paying the forwarding agent. We did proper analysis to get the numbers right and the process. Few days later he told me he has started the process and he has rented another one room in the compound where he lives to use as his store. I know he will succeed, I am so confident. Why? You may ask, he has the skills, the attitude of a hard worker, ready to go the extra-mile and he has all the mentorship he needs to succeed.

Stop feeling that you can only succeed in Europe or America
Lets stop celebrating people only when they move to another country because you think that is success.

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Success is not in America, not in Canada, not in South Africa, not in Cameroon, not in Nigeria etc. Success is in you, success in your commitment to hard work, success is in the state of your mindset and habit-set, success is in your ability to upskill and reskill to create value and monetize that value, success is in your ability to discipline yourself to build something tangible for the future.

If you go to America with the wrong mindset, you have just displaced a wrong mindset to a new location.
If you go to Canada with your lazy body, you have just displaced a lazy human being to another location

Choose your path with clarity; do not choose it with the wrong belief system


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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