To perform better, challenge your thinking consistently by Javnyuy Joybert

To perform better, challenge your thinking consistently

As someone thinking to start a business, to better perform, keep challenging your thinking

If you already have a business, to better perform at scaling in any dimension, challenge your thinking.

As a corporate professional, to better perform as a valuable in-house professional to your company, challenge your thinking.

Hear this truth, “Your level of excellent performance is seriously influenced by your ability to challenge your thinking pattern in terms of results creation”

What do I mean “Challenge Your Thinking”?
Stepping outside of your personal views, experiences, biases and opinions and be able to interpret where another individual is coming from and or where life is taking you to.

One of the best ways to challenge your thinking is to have a group of people or someone who can help you do that. If you do not have someone, regularly challenging your thinking my recommendation is to get someone to fill that role. It can be a coach, a mentor, a friend, a spouse etc.

Someone challenging your thinking can really put you to the test. They can push you and your thinking processes to verify that your ideas, verify your next actions, verify your vision and more.

Why not take this time to make real change. Start challenging your thinking, refuse to comfortable with what you know what you think you can do. If you are too attached to how things are done now, nothing will change for the better in the future.

If you are actually the kind that examine your mistakes, you will realize it was your thinking at the time that caused them, and that is why you need to keep challenging your own thinking.

Javnyuy Joybert (Mr Remarkable)

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