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Avoid Getting Scammed by Travel Agents in Cameroon

I think about 2 weeks ago a lady told me she was traveling to a country and had paid a visa fee to a travel agent. She told me the amount I was like “Cameroonians can get visa on arrival to that country and the visa price for 30 days is less than that amount” 

Now if you have plans to travel to any country, find out about the following or take the following actions before you engage the services of any travel agent or institution. 

1. Is that country having an embassy, high commission or consular office in Cameroon? If yes, visit the website or their ministry of external relations to read more about visa modalities. If they do not have any official office in Cameroon, still visit the Ministry’s website to read how people from countries where they do not have offices can get visas…

2. Find out if you need a visa to travel to that country. Find out the types of visas, cost and required documents. 

3. Find out if that country is visa free to holders of Cameroonian passports or if you can get a visa on arrival and at what cost?

4. Learn to send emails to inquire further information and even call. If necessary travel to Yaounde and visit the embassy or consular service to get first hand information.

5. Learn to use google and youtube to also gather general information. Possibly reach out to someone in your network who has international travel experience and ask further questions. 

6. Use google to also find out flight costs to that country before reaching out to any travel agent. Google through different platforms will give you price options. Anytime your agent gives you a price you will have an idea. 

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7. Visit the website of that airport. Most airports have websites just visit to be sure of immigration policies and the process you may have to go through to avoid surprises. 

8. Find out if you will need to go for a visa interview at the embassy/consular office and to provide your thumbprint. Most often you will have to. Avoid those agents who will promise you a visa without you going to the embassy. 

9. Find out if you will need to fill some online forms, print some documents to present at the embassy during your interview or during your trip. 

10. Be careful of fake plane tickets. If you are doubting your agent, when you receive your plane ticket, look for the airline app, download and track your flight or go to your website and track. If the ticket is legit you will see your flight program on the website or app. 

Travel agents/agencies are necessary. I mean the legal and genuine ones. But the truth is, most people do not know the legal/genuine ones from the fake/scammers. That is why I recommend seeking some basic/relevant information before approaching. 

Scammers like ignorant people. Refuse to be ignorant if not you will be swallowed. 

In all seek information. Be curious. Do not be blind and get scammed. I do not think I have exhausted everything. 

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Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

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