How the Rich Stay Rich….

Have you ever wondered how rich people get rich and stay that way?

Let me share with you this financial technique shared by Jesse Eker

He said,

The reality is that you have to learn to manage your income before starting a business.

That’s why today, I want to give you a life-changing system that rich people know and use consistently.

It’s called the JARS System.

To understand how it works, imagine you have six jars in front of you, and each jar is assigned a specific percentage of your monthly income.

Now, here’s how you classify those jars to improve your finances:

1. Necessities
Allocate 55% of your income towards necessities. These are things like food, bills, rent, and so on.
They’re the things that you and your family require for well-being.

2. Long-term Savings
Set aside 10% of your income for unexpected costs somewhere down the line.
Remember, things happen. You need money set aside for when life throws you a curveball.

3. Play
This is the money you can spend on yourself. And it gets another 10% of your income.
Why? Because you deserve it. Make yourself happy!

4. Education
Invest 10% of your income in yourself. Remember: “If you’re not learning, you’re automatically dying.” The more you keep learning, the more you’ll grow, and the more you’ll be able to accomplish.

5. FFA
This jar is your financial freedom account where you’ll invest 10% of your income. Use this money to invest in things that can generate passive income.

6. Give
You only have 5% left. Now, what do rich people do with it?
They give. When you give, that’s when you truly receive!

Personally for me as a Christian, I have a jar for Kingdom Investment. A dedicated part of my monthly income that goes to the things of God from tithes, to church programs/projects etc. So, for Christian you may have the 7th Jar.

It takes intentionality to succeed financially not guess work.

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Javnyuy Joybert
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