Individual Disaster + National Disaster = Gigantic Disaster by Javnyuy Joybert

Individual Disaster + National Disaster = Gigantic Disaster

What do I mean? (#Cameroon Context)

Individual Disaster= Bad attitude + Terrible mindset + Bad habits + Bad Behaviour + Laziness + Inadequate Knowledge/Skills 

National Disaster = Poor governance + Poor leadership + Poor economic policies + Bribery + Corruption + Weak institutions + Majority of civil servants who late to work & do not get work done on time

Therefore, Gigantic Disaster = 

Individual Disaster + National Disaster

To avoid being part of the equation that forms a Gigantic Disaster, work on yourself. 

Mountains, stones, forests, natural resources only, do not make a nation. It is productive forward looking citizens that make up a nation with a strong growing economy. 

Before you accuse the government for their shortcomings (which we know there are hundreds of them), do a self analysis to be sure you are a productive citizen. 

You cannot be accusing the government when all you do is drink and get drunk. You are married but have 5 side chicks. You drive but do not respect traffic lights. You do not dispose waste properly into the waste bin. You lack respect and humility and speak to people rudely. You borrow people’s money and refuse to pay. 

Before you call a pastor a fake pastor, make sure you are not a fake christian. 

Invest in yourself and not spend yourself. Develop the right attitude, build your value by developing employability and enterprise creation/management skills, win the battle against your bad habits, develop an innovative winning mindset, choose to be a hard working citizen and choose to be ethical, professional and upright. 

Truth is, if we all could really practice some of these personal changes, some things we complain about in this country will start falling off. Who makes the government? Are they not human beings?

The point na say, make we choose better action we e go tey.

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