Personal Accountability Drives Entrepreneurial Growth: Javnyuy Joybert

Personal Accountability Drives Entrepreneurial Growth: Javnyuy Joybert

Do you remember in secondary school you will set the alarm to get up at a particular time to study and when it rings you switch off or press the snooze button to sleep a little bit and the little bit will turn to another hour or 2 hours of sleep and you end up late for school? oh yeah I use to do that (smiles). You could not hold yourself accountable to execute the decision you made to make you a better student.

This is the same thing in entrepreneurship; hundreds of entrepreneurs find it difficult to grow because they have failed to hold themselves accountable to effectively execute the amazing action steps written in their business action plan tool during their brainstorming session. Without accountability, the hardworking, passionate, most brilliant entrepreneurs fail, they fail to meet their performance goals. Effective entrepreneurship requires effective personal accountability

Joseph Folkman on Forbes said, “Personal accountability is a critical step towards improving leadership (entrepreneurship). When people are accountable for their decisions, work, and results, the effectiveness of an organisation (start-up) can greatly increase”. I totally agree with Joseph, so many business well refined action steps have remained on paper because entrepreneurs could not hold themselves accountable to execute, many young entrepreneurs are unskilled and not able to grow their institutions well because they have not hold themselves accountable to acquire new skills.

It is impossible for an entrepreneur to create relevant impact if all he/she does is to play the blame game instead of holding self-accountable and taking responsibility for the failure or slow growth of the business. Make up your mind today, be personally accountable and choose effective attitudes and behaviours that will serve your business short and long term goals.

How can you increase personal accountability?

1. Establish your (start-up) top 3 priorities for a specified period: When you have 3 clear and concise top priorities, your focus is on achieving these priorities and every day you ask yourself this accountability question. Did my actions today move my start-up closer to achieving our top 3 priorities?

2. Set Dates: Every task to achieve each top priority should have clear start date and due dates. Do not allow it open, for example, you hear entrepreneurs say “We will start any of these days and finish as soon as we can”. This is not right, be specific.

3. Accountability partner: Have someone you respect, someone who can shout at you and you listen and share your top 3 priorities and task, request them to do close follow up and hold you accountable to complete. As a coach I have clients who after paying for a coaching session, and they are committed to achieve specific results they pay me for a specific duration to be their professional accountability partner. Your mentor, your Pastor, your dad, best friend, and colleague could be your accountability partner.

4. Self-love and gift: What I mean is promise yourself a special treat or gift if you finish a particular task. You hold yourself accountable by promising to take yourself to a beautiful restaurant for a nice treat after you finish a task and if you do not finish no treat, no self-gift. This actually works for me (smiles)

5. End results: Think of how your life will change, think of how your start-up will rise to the next level if you hold yourself accountable and complete each task. This picture of end results will inspire you to hold self-accountable.

Accountability is exactly why entrepreneurship is tough and exactly why there are few real entrepreneurs.

Keep rising, keep shining

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