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One key critical aspect for every young entrepreneur is creating a “Bulletproof & growth mind-set” Why is this important? You may be asking me. Without it, young entrepreneurs will always be victims to every challenge this tough Journey of Entrepreneurship will bring.

Without this mind-set, we young entrepreneurs block ourselves from recognizing and tapping into our energy and incredible possibilities, we all have within us because of challenges.

Many young people hide behind excuses because they are comforting and lose their dreams but young people with bulletproof and growth mind-set rise above excuses and face their dreams.

Young entrepreneurs with bulletproof and growth mind-set do not give up when things become challenging. Instead, they find new ways to adapt & work harder to achieve their goals.

How can you then build this bulletproof and growth mind-set as an entrepreneur?

1. Inspiration Input: Keep yourself inspired about your dreams. Have a clear picture of where you want to be a couple of years from now, write it down and possibly do a picture frame of your dream and look at it often

2. Willingness: Willingness is that catalyst you need for your mind to function at it best. If your willingness is burning and strong, no one or nothing can stop you.

3. Check your close circle: What you hear consistently determine the strength and growth of your mind. If you have uninspired, negative and fixed mind-set people around you it will negatively affect you.

4. Find your WHY & Stay Committed: To take action as an entrepreneur despite the challenges there must be a reason. A reason or an emotional feeling so strong that can consume.

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  1. Ako Francis Ebia

    The message is so clear for young entrepreneur thanks for the inspiration.

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      Thank you Francis for visiting, reading and sharing. Blessings

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    Enriching. Thanks sir

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      Thank you for always visiting, reading and sharing. Keep shining

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