Marketing 101 to Friends & Family Members By Javnyuy Joybert

Marketing 101 to Friends & Family Members
By Javnyuy Joybert

As a startup entrepreneur, if your marketing actions are not annoying someone then you are not marketing your startup products enough.

One thing I always recommend for startup entrepreneurs is to make sure they should saturate their immediate community (family, friends, colleagues, church members etc.) with the marketing of their products before breaking out to the public entirely.

Why? Because you can sale to them, they can give you feedback you can use to improve the product before mass public marketing, you can use their positive reviews to build a good marketing message etc.

So, how can you market to your friends and family at no cost? Some basic actions you can take

1. Mass SMS to your contacts
This is what is popularly known as SMS marketing. Here, you can buy an SMS package and send a startup launch or new product alert SMS to all your contacts. SMS messages have a 99% open rate so stop ignoring SMS.

2. Create a WhatsApp Broadcast List
This is almost the same like SMS but it is more powerful because you can send pictures of your products and it is cheaper than SMS.

3. Door to Door Visits
Here you can decide to visit family members and friends in the same community with you and do product presentation and offers with the intention to raise awareness about your new business and also to sale.

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4. Print flyers and share
If you have that budget, you can print flyers and move from door to door to share, you can share in your church with friends like standing by the door at the end of the service to share.

5. Ask family and friends for help
Don’t assume someone will see what you do and promote. Some will do and some will not until you ask. So, you can ask all your family members, friends, colleagues and church members to re-share your product to 5 of their friends only. Imagine if 300 people in your contact list re-share to 5 people only it means your product will reach out to 1500 more people.

6. Make them part of the new business.
That is personify them in the new business. The best way to do this is to do some beautiful flyers with their pictures on it. This way they will feel close to the new dream and will happily share on their status, timelines and re-share to friends.

7. Launch a referral program
This is a basic marketing strategy where you allow friends and family members to help promote your product for you. Give them a commission for each sales you make thanks to their referrals and recommendations.

Hear this, if you are going to grow your startup then be ready to market like crazy.
Some startup entrepreneurs are not making money because they are lazy and want to sit in their rooms and make money.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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