Entrepreneur; The courage to fail & get embarrassed publicly…by Javnyuy Joybert

The courage to fail & get embarrassed publicly…

If you do not have the courage to fail publicly, do not become an entrepreneur, a change maker or do not think of becoming anything that will put you as a leader where you can influence people.

If you are still that type people’s opinions, negative feedback/reviews, social media ranting, scared when your mistakes are pointed out, you do not have the courage to be an entrepreneur or an influencer. Go get a job somewhere and sit behind an office desk.

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of pressure. Pressure from customers, employees, wild competitors and the general public. You will meet people who will say things about you, your products and your business without thinking of your emotions. They will set it out in the wild and whatever you think or however you feel, it is your problem.

Thinking of starting a business or currently growing a business? Let me ask you a question;

“Do you have the courage to fail publicly, pick up yourself, learn from your mistakes and get back to work?”

If you have the attitude of failing once at something and giving up, then entrepreneurship is not for you. If you have the attitude of “crying” for days and giving up because someone said something bad about you, then entrepreneurship is not for you.

You cannot have fear of failure and fear of public embarrassment and expect to survive in entrepreneurship. You will die out in your first few months. With the right boldness, courage and forward looking mindset and heart, you will win in the end.

Embarrassment from the public doesn’t have to be the end of your journey as an entrepreneur, unless you allow it to be. Embarrassment from the public should not be a determining factor of how good you are. Now that you are aware of it, develop mental toughness for this, develop a thick skin for this and set out with the goal to win as an entrepreneur and even public embarrassment from your public failures will not stop you.

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Failure is a natural part of any successful process, and without it, you cannot possibly succeed. No one has ever gotten things right on their first try, and no one expects you to do it either. So don’t put that kind of unnecessary pressure on yourself, there’s no need for it.

Those who are winning big in their various businesses and careers, have succeeded precisely because they have been willing to fail over and over again.

Keep building that business dream

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr. Remarkable