Jeff Bezos Stepping Down as CEO – 4 Key Take-Aways for Entrepreneurs

I (Javnyuy Joybert) made the following post on Facebook with the purpose of pushing for exchange of perspectives.

Here is the post

“Andy Jassy will be the new CEO of Amazon. Andy joined Amazon in 1997 just two years after Amazon started. Andy currently serves as CEO of the Amazon’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is its biggest profit driver. Entrepreneurs what can we learn from this?”

Wilson Nyah who is a banker and Entrepreneur who is the CEO of Niki Heat ( shared 4 key takeaways for Entrepreneurs

In his words he said

“Was happy to see such a peaceful transition at Amazon. I see 4 takeaways”:

1. Reward skill & loyalty.
Andy has been around Amazon a long time and has done an amazing job turning AWS into a cash cow (and making Jeff Bezos many billions in the process). He’s been loyal and productive. The man has earned it.

2. It is okay to step aside and not be the CEO of a company you founded.
The key is to leave it in good hands. Of course Jeff will still be executive chairman but Andy will be the head honcho.

Left: Wilson                                                                                                                                                    Right: Javnyuy

3. Give other deserving people the spotlight.
Andy will finally get to the recognition and attention he rightfully deserves amongst the elite corporate titans of America. As CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, you are basically a semi-god because of your reach and impact. Andy has that now.

4. It is okay for others to become wealthy from a business you created.
I am certain Andy will increase his wealth significantly over the next few years and it’s in large part because of Jeff’s visionary leadership. But Jeff will also acknowledge that Andy had a big part to play in making Amazon the empire it has turned out to be.

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