Brief Note 7: You & The African Dream by Javnyuy Joybert

When I travel across Africa especially in areas where young people are leading change & assuming responsibilities

I see and feel

Contributions and resiliency of our positive driven young people in communities

If we do not do things that inspire our faith in our own future, no one will. Not even United Nations or Western Countries will save us from our current fate.

That is why we must get all Africans equipped with skills and increase their access to tools and resources they need to manage and lead productive personal lives, careers, businesses and communities.

The African dream may not happen in my (our) life time but we will do our best to leave a better continent in the hands of our children than the one we inherited from our parents.

In a nation like Cameroon (terrible with leadership and governance), there is no easy solution but yet let us choose to be intentional about driving outcomes that will lead to a better nation.

Choose not to take or give bribe
Choose not to be corrupt and stop being a mediocre
Choose to go work on time and serve diligently as a civil servant
Choose not to pollute the environment & use the dust bin
Choose not to backbite your fellow hardworking African and instead support
Choose not to sexually harass your female employees as a boss
Choose not to spend your hard earned money on alcohol and drugs
Choose not to whine time on non-productive things and focus on building self

You and I will say Africa is terrible, Cameroon is horrible…this has gone up and this has come down. I have one question for you, who makes up Africa and Cameroon? People make a location, location does not make people. So if Cameroon is horrible then Cameroonians who live in the 475,442 km² land area are horrible.

Let us start by choosing to do what is right all the time


Javnyuy Joybert

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