How to Degrade the Quality of Your Life

“We degrade the quality of our lives when we spend time on the wrong things” Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

What are you spending time on? 

Such a simple but powerful question. Since January what have you been spending time on so that you can experience consistent growth and break barriers. What you spend your time on, you become. Nothing sustainable happens overnight or by magic. 

People with a fixed mindset don’t spend time on anything and people with a growth mindset spend time on relevant things, habits because they believe to achieve relevant results they must grow consistently. 

Many people confine themselves to the Status quo, not willing to put in the hard work but then complain more than anyone. 

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That’s why it’s imperative to dedicate our daily lifestyle to something meaningful. Something that will push us to grow out of our comfort zone. We degrade the quality of our lives when we spend time on the wrong things.

So I always strongly advise, we evaluate the tasks that we perform on a regular basis to determine whether they meet our personal growth principles, values and will they push us closer to our goal

What will you be spending time on this new week? This week, don’t waste a lot of time on things which are meaningless to you.

Stop living a shallow life. It is crucial to analyze what you want to have and where you want to be. Without any direction, you’ll forever be lost and confused about what your next move will be. 

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Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

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