Feeling Like Giving Up Because Life Seems Difficult Daily? Do These – Javnyuy Joybert

Feeling Like Giving Up Because Life Seems Difficult Daily? Do These – Javnyuy Joybert

Feeling Like Giving Up Because Life Seems Difficult Daily? Do These
Are You Feeling Left Behind? Feeling Life Keeps Getting Harder Each Day?
Let’s talk about it for a moment.
This life can be so tough, this life can throw difficult things at you. Don’t kill yourself, it’s alright to be in that difficult situation remember you are human.

As you end the year, financially you are barely managing, debts are crushing on you, career wise you hate your Job with one funny salary, as job seeker you have been seeking a good job for years, as an Entrepreneur your business is barely at the break even point, your relationship is on rocky mountains and it seems like everything and everyone is against you. You are feeling left behind on every side.

However, let me ask you? Are you left behind based on the goals you set or base on what you see other people doing (comparison)? If it is based on your goals, that is great. But if you feel you are left behind because you are comparing yourself, you need to stop. You will hurt yourself. Learn from people but do not compare yourself with them.

Again hear me, you are human and things will come at you. You cannot stop these things from coming your way however, you can choose how to react when they come and who to become as you face them. This is very important. Don’t let your life issues break you and keep you down forever. Do not let life issues stop you from manifesting your full destiny.

My belief is that it is how we respond in our moments of defeat and difficulty that really defines the type of people we are.

If you are going through a hard time right now in your life, my sincere love and prayers goes out to you. I can definitely feel for you because I have been there a thousand times and more. I know the frustration, heartache & pain that comes along with these times. I know how it feels not knowing where to turn or what to do next.

Several years back when these times came my way, all I would do was complain, curse, get angry and cry alone but I noticed that nothing changed after all that. Nothing changes when you complain, curse, get angry and cry.

Here is what leads to change today. Now here’s how I act now when these times hit me. Maybe it can help you

  1. I pray more and I give thanks more to God for how far He has brought me and His faithfulness
  2. I speak positive affirmations, one being “Joybert relax, there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel, God is working on something you can’t see now. Trust and obey”
  3. I grow myself, I increase my personal worth. Sometimes we go through challenges because we are in the dark (ignorance)
  4. I talk to my Pastor and also my Mentor. These are people who genuinely listen to me. It’s important to have people who can listen to you. They listen and give advice. Provide encouragement which we all need.
  5. I get my dream book and re-read my dreams to myself in a loud voice to remind myself why I can’t give up now. The only way is forward.

Remember this, as you go through your hard moments never ever compare with another person. Comparison will put you under pressure and can even kill you. Act accordingly.

Let me share this teaching I did a few weeks back with you. It will bless you and heal you.
Spiritual Attitude in The Midst Of Pain, Difficulties & Disappointments

Great and incredible people find their way out of the depths of their own despair & hard times.

Have a great week, don’t give up yet and prepare for 2023. It will be a great year for you. Trust God!

You are Rare You are Remarkable

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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