The Source of Your Struggles? Javnyuy Joybert

Is this the source of your struggles in 2022?

November 2022 is almost gone meaning 2023 is closer than you think ooh?. Do you desire to upgrade your lifestyle next month or next year? Well I don’t mean the level 2 upgrade that many of us focus on, I mean level 1 upgrade. Because level two upgrade depends on level 1 upgrade. 

Many people skip level 1 upgrade and focus on level 2 upgrade and that’s why they still struggle in life even after upgrading. They upgrade things like

– Dressing style

– Accent

– Go to bigger bars & clubs 

– Body complexion

– Jewelleries

True lifestyle upgrade starts from within, not externally. 

Check people who focus on external upgrade, they live beyond their means and always trying to catch-up. They struggle to catch up because they do not have the value system to attract benefits.  

Level 1 upgrade should be your first upgrade. And this involves upgrading

– Your attitude 

– Your mindset 

– Your ability to create value (upgrade your Competence/skills). Take a free and discount online course with Peak Performers University. Visit  

– Your personal binding core values & life principles

– Your spiritual life

– Your ability to be focus & effective

– Your self esteem & confidence

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– Your level of self discipline

– Your ability to use time right

– Your ability to take self responsibility

Many people are in misery year in year out because they upgrade from the wrong perspective. 

From today, upgrade level 1 and watch how level 2 (external) will come to you. You will not struggle for it. If you have money problems, check your level 1 status.  

These relevant internal changes (level 1) will make a huge difference. Our success greatly relies on these internal upgrades. 

A Slay Queen/King will focus on level 2

A lady with Classic Excellence & Gentleman will focus on level 1


And there is nothing wrong fully operating from level 1 and 2. Get level 1 right and you will get level 2 right

Which one are you? 

Have a super fun day. 

You are Rare You are Remarkable

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

Mr Remarkable

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