Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Money – Javnyuy Joybert

So many people are broke or struggling financially because of fear. They are afraid to open their mouth and ask for money after providing a service.

They are afraid to ask for a service fee when a family member, friend, brother or sister from church reaches out to request for a service or product.

When it comes to deciding whether to provide a free service or not, especially to family members and friends, it should be from the place of firm decision with clear analysis the action will not hurt your business, not from the place of fear because you afraid they will think you like money too much or whatever.

Fear does not pay bills. It is money that pay bills.

If you go out of business because you are afraid to ask for service fee, that will be your problem. They will probably look for somewhere else to get the service and even pay for it smiling.

Stop working for free out of fear and start asking for money and closing sales.

Fear of what people will think about us, fear of what people will say about us to others has made many people lose money and ended up broke or struggling in silence.

Sometimes to succeed in business, you do not need to worry about being liked or disliked by certain people, your major focus should be doing what is right and being on the side of your policies and future of possibilities of that business. And this will sometimes require you to be aggressive.

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Some of you want to be viewed as someone who is so caring, kind, humble, soft, supportive, etc but at the end you are regressing, you are struggling, what you have spent years to build is going down the drain. I am not saying you should not be kind or you should not have the desire to help the people you are close to. I am saying, do not do it from the place of fear or from the place of pleasing people, but do it from the place of firm decision making.

Fear has killed more business dreams than witches and wizards.
The desire to please family members and friends has killed more business dreams than taxes from the government.

When it comes to doing the right thing, sometimes we can be our worst enemy.

To succeed in business, it is your responsibility to practice the right business culture, right habits and to always make the right move.

You may need to reevaluate every facet of how you lead and conduct business.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr. Remarkable