Improving into a Better Person: Javnyuy Joybert

Few weeks back a client came to me and asked “Joybert, how can I improve to be a better person who achieve results and grow consistently?” This is a powerful question, which I believe if many get the right answers lives will never remain the same.

She booked my 1 week paid coaching package and I took her through my BECOMING coaching concept. I developed that concept on the principle that, Until You BECOME you cannot make that dream happen.

I will share with you just two power points (PP) of the one week coaching package.
PP 1: Close Circle – if you want to improve, improve the people you surround yourself with. Community influences our thoughts, and our thoughts will determine our future. If you want to see a preview of your future, look to whom you are hanging out with.

PP 2: Self Control (leadership) – The hallmark of improvement is self-control. Self-leadership (control) is a skill that unleashes massive productivity. How? Self-control keep you focused and on track.

To conclude, to improve check your self-image. How you see yourself inside will largely determine how you will perform outside. When you see yourself as productive, successful and positive on the inside, this is also exactly how you will act outside.

Let me share with a third point

PP 3: Accept Responsibility – Many people have PhD in blaming others when things go wrong. An important element in growing as a person and becoming a better version is mastering the art of accepting personal responsibility for your decisions, actions, emotions and failures. Get this point; you take control of your life when you accept that you alone are responsible for your actions and life outcomes.

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