Start Looking at “Money” Beyond the Hard Currency – By Javnyuy Joybert

Money Money… people looking for money freedom

Money is any “object” that is generally accepted as payment for something or better still something that can be exchanged for something valuable.

Start looking at “money” beyond the hard currency (fiat) you have right now in your wallet (purse).
#Money is much more than that. Your ability to command certain attitudes, lifestyle which can lead to fiat money (banknotes and coins) entering your wallet is another form of money.

Look at this;

1. Competence: If you command certain superior level competence in a particular field which prompt people to look for you and pay you, that is money. The ability to create and monetize value is massive.

2. Credibility: If you command a certain level of high credibility so much that if you are stranded and make a call for help, fiat money is released to you without second thoughts, that is money.

3. Strong relationships: If you have built a strong circle of valuable friends who can move heaven and earth for you anytime you need them, that is easy access to fiat money.

4. Information: If you have the ability to gather classified, highly sought after information that people need which they are ready to pay you for to get access, that is easy access to fiat money.

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5. Influence: If you have the ability to influence a group of people through your words and actions, that is money. The ability to manage influence right can engineer huge fiat money returns.

I have 6 other elements to share this wealth creation framework… let me end here

In all, if you are looking for only fiat money, you are a poor man/woman. Build beyond that. If fiat money is most important thing in your life, you are a failure. If fiat money is driving your choices and decisions, choosing your career. etc for you then you are still immature. Upgrade.

When you upgrade, you stop chasing money up and down, instead the money will be following you on the path to a much better life.

“Until you break the rules, making you to be broke, you will always be broke. It is your responsibility to find the rules, making you broke and break them” Javnyuy Joybert


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable