How to Handle Rejection or Public Embarrassment by Javnyuy Joybert

One of my mentees reached out to me and said “I am trying to understand certain things about life but they are not understandable”


She continued and said she will like to talk to me about it.


I said ok…


She then asked this pertinent question


“You being my Hero does not mean you are perfect… so how do I get the courage to bring down someone publicly I once lifted publicly?”


I definitely shared some thoughts with her.


The truth is, if you talk to people who have attended a certain level of popularity, influence, power etc they will tell you true stories of how people hurt them in public so badly and these will be people that they helped in one or the other, these are people that once celebrated them in private and even publicly and even swore never to turn their back on them…


For example, there are people who came to my life and will sing praises from the beginning, you are this, you are that, you the this, you are the that and in few days, few weeks, few months when they see someone who they can benefit from, they transfer the praises to them and lie about me to the new found people just to look righteous and cool pals.


My friend George call them “Praise Team Singers”. Praise team singers are not genuine, they are driven by benefits not genuine love, service and relationship. And I do have day 1 supporters who have been there for several years.


Ways to handle “rejection”

Here are some suggested ways you can handle rejection or public embarrassment whether you are guilty or not.

  1. Practice self-awareness

Kindly look within make sure you are on the side of the truth. If you mess up accept it and start the process of healing. If you are innocent, stay true to yourself and focus on your goals


  1. Do not be driven by emotions if you want to react to it publicly. Be strategic, think about it, look at the long term effects of what you want to say and if possible talk to someone you respect like a mentor, pastor, coach etc. You can even pay the services of a PR expert.


  1. Keep your head up high intentionally

Yes, rejections will make you feel bad and even ashamed after than make up your mind to move on.

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  1. Avoid people that are fueling negative energy around you at that time.

If it is on social media, feel free to block anyone or social media outlet carrying the stuff on their head. Keep your mental focus clean and focus on growing


To conclude, in all you do, do not be driven by social acceptance, social media likes and comments. Do not let the praises of your friends get into you head. Be driven by your desire to be significant, to contribute, and be driven by your purpose, vision and goals. No matter what happens like your friends leaving you for someone they think is better than you, stay true to what matters.

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