Brief Note 14: You are the Biggest Pathological Liar to Yourself by Javnyuy Joybert

You are the Biggest Pathological Liar to Yourself


Before you get angry, read down small let me show you 🚶🏿‍♂️


You and I keep accusing and getting angry with people because they tell us lies meanwhile we are the biggest liars to ourselves.


To succeed, you need to stop lying to yourself.


I can imagine someone reading this right now and even arguing and saying “I am not a liar”. Ok na, let’s see….


Example of lies you may have been telling yourself for the last few years

  1. That new year resolution you made that you will start getting up at 5am daily to study & you gave up already
  2. You said you will stop drinking alcohol & getting drunk but anytime your friends call, you follow them to hangout, come back at 2am drunk.
  3. You said you will stop stealing company resources for personal use but you still do it on weekends.
  4. You said you will stop cheating on your partner/spouse but you just cheated yesterday, lady week or last month
  5. You said you will start reading at 3 books a month but since you said that, you have not gone to the book store to buy a book.



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  1. You said you will stop procrastinating to get things done but yesterday you did not do everything you planned to do and you sat down on the couch gossiping and whatsapping
  2. I don’t have the money to start the business meanwhile you have money to drink alcohol, money to buy latest gadgets etc.
  3. You said you will start doing physical exercises 3 times a week but here you are loitering around doing nothing relevant.

Look carefully, the many times you lied, you were focusing on now now comfort. If you wish to achieve success in both your personal and professional life, never choose short-term comfort over a long-term reward.


It is time for you and I to step up if we are really serious about our tomorrow. Try not to give yourself excuses when it comes to anything important.


Until we stop telling ourselves some lies, we may never rise above our struggling circumstances. When you lie to yourself, the lie make you a constant victim of life instead of the force of life you were meant to be.


How do you stop living your own lies?

Make a deliberate effort to change the way you use your mind & how you discipline yourself. Get an accountability partner who could be your Mentor or Coach. Take my course on Self Discipline.


Wishing you a fruitful day ahead.


Javnyuy Joybert

Mr Remarkable

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