Perfection is an Enemy to Startup Entrepreneurs by Javnyuy Joybert

Perfection is an enemy to startup entrepreneurs by Javnyuy Joybert

At the startup level, an entrepreneur will not last long if he/she focus on perfection at the beginning.


Focus on feasible and acceptable progress and not perfection at your startup. Progress is better than too much planning and analyzing to make sure everything is perfect before you start.


At the startup level, prototyping, market testing, product testing, explorations are critical for sustainable growth. Perfection is an enemy.


This does not mean you should not be excellent. If you are carrying out prototyping, make sure you are excellent in carrying out it. If you are carrying out a market testing activity, make sure you are doing it excellently.


Perfectionists are not good innovators, risk takers and speedy executors. Meanwhile, innovation, risk taking and fast/agile execution is critical for any startup success.


Perfectionist are not good at adapting to change because they want to analyze everything to be perfect before the take action. Meanwhile, the business world is fast. The willingness to adapt to changes across your industry is a must if you want to stay competitive.


That is why, you will see some people having very good ideas, they will spend 4 to 5 years planning and analyzing and they end up not taking it to the market. Why? Perfectionists often feel the need to thoroughly review every single thing to be sure it is perfect. But, as a startup you hit the market running, practicing concurrent control and solving problems as you penetrate the market.


Perfectionism can be damaging for business, particularly in today’s ever changing technology landscape. Before you are even trying to be perfect, a new innovation will distort all your planning, strategic and action plan.


Running a small business is an imperfect act. We strive, we constantly review our performance and learn from mistakes, look for new efficiencies and improvements, but I don’t believe we can ever achieve perfection. I am not sure that it even exists.


Stop speaking too much grammar, claiming you know it all and go start that project and or that business.




Javnyuy Joybert – Mr. Remarkable