Brief Note 13: Before You Quit Your Job for Business by Javnyuy Joybert

Her: “Joybert, I want to quit my job to start my business”

Me: “I hope you did not listen to one of these motivational speakers or excited network marketers?”

Her: (Smiling from Jaw to Jaw)

Me: “Take your time, have a proper plan, gain the required business skills, acquire adequate data and do not quit your job to start a business base on assumptions”

I continued

“Before you quit your job to start a business make sure you have a plan in place to “Make a living”. You cannot struggle to build a dream and struggle to “make a living” at the same time. You may crash; start feeling you are a failure and depression may set in”


Her: “What do you mean?” She asked

Me: “Let me be serious with you, it has hard for you to be focus, creative, think long term about your business when you still struggle to make a living that is you still struggle to feed, to clothe yourself, to afford shelter and other basic things in life”

I continued


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“That is why I will recommend you start your business as a side hustle and still keep your job and only resign from your job when your business can take care of your basic living, when your business can fund your housing, your feeding, your  clothing, utility bills, basic health emergencies etc. And you if listen to me well, I did not say you should wait for everything to be perfect before you start the business, because everything will never be perfect”

Her: “I get you now. Let me present you the business and you recommend the way forward and how I can start as a side business”

Me: “Great business, there is a market for this and we are going to have two coaching sessions to develop the business model, create an execution plan especially how you can acquire customers and structure it in a way that you can serve them more during the evenings and weekends. You should be ready to work for almost 16 hours daily as you embark on this new journey”

…………You may be asking what happened next. Well she started her side hustle last 2 weeks, she is having some challenges to combine her work and side hustle but she will pull through.

In entrepreneurship, there are many failures and when you fail, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Remember, your job is not bribe they give you to forget your dreams. Your job is the seed they give you to build your life forward. Do not be under pressure to be an entrepreneur. Some are called to create and some are called to serve. Without operations managers, founders will be helpless with their visions. Without employees CEOs will do nothing with their companies.



Javnyuy Joybert

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