Brief Note 11: No one will employ (pay) you until you are employable and valuable by Javnyuy Joybert

No one will employ (pay) you until you are employable and valuable

No one will promote you to a new position until you are valuable and creating results

No one will continue to buy from your business until you keep upskilling and creating new value

No one will recommend you to an open door until they are confident you can deliver the value required

See eeh, one core fundamental for improving your financial capability as a young person (adult) is you ability to scale your value creation at any level of your life. That is why I always tell my mentees, “do not make only a financial plan but also make a value increasing and monetization plan” Javnyuy Joybert

Like I will always tell my church brothers and sisters, do not only pray for financial breakthroughs but also invest in your value increasing and monetization plan.

You will only grow into poverty when your life pressures and life responsibilities grow while your ability to create and increase value to whoever needs it do not increase.

Our upcoming specialized training programs all directed influence increase in value and monetization are organized from a place of deep research not just because we feel like organizing trainings.
1. From idea to MONEY MAKING BUSINESS masterclass
2. Import & Export Masterclass (learn to import, build customer base & retail in Cameroon)
3. Using Social Media as a Job Seeker to get a job or employers attention

You can inbox me (Whatsapp 674949153) if you are interested in any. They are all paid programs.

Have a great day ahead

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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