Do you conduct a thorough root cause analysis? by Javnyuy Joybert

Do you conduct a thorough root cause analysis?

Let me ask again,

Do you really sit down and conduct a thorough root cause analysis to prevent similar incidents from occurring?

That last relationship, why did it end up bad? Why did they dump you?

That last business, why did it fail?

That job interview you attended, where did you mess up during interview?

Truth is, if somethings keep repeating in your life then something is wrong with you. It is time to sit down and do a thorough root cause analysis.

Stop being the same person and doing things the same way every year and expecting a better life. That’s certified foolishness.

Hear me, What you put into your career, your business, your Relationships, your activities and your life DO determine what you will get out of it.

It is imperative to always do a root cause analysis to be sure of your previous actions especially the ones that lead to failure. Analyze and improve so it should never happen again.

As long as we look outside ourselves for every reason and explanation for what has gone right or wrong in our lives, it’s impossible to handle a certain level of Success. Start from within.

Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it. If you are not happy with the effects you have created, then you must change the causes that created them in the first place. Do root cause analysis.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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