If no One is Complaining Yet, Then You Are Still Average by Javnyuy Joybert

If no one is complaining yet, or have not complained, then you are still average.

Here is what I mean, average people, mediocre people, low performing people, people who have a love relationship with their comfort zones will always complain when you choose the part of growth and stretching yourself.

When you choose the path of achievement, ambitions, significance and results manifestation.

You will hear complaints like, you have changed, you are overdoing it, this is not the you I use to know, only you desire this success etc.

When you become too focused, you are no longer available for mediocre hangouts and activities, you are no longer careless the way you live your life, the best they can do is to complain. This kind of complaint is actually a compliment.

Actually, if someone has been complaining because of this, your new found self, send him or her a message and thank them for letting you know you are stretching yourself beyond ordinary living.

There is no crime in outgrowing mediocre people, even your childhood friends, even your family members. If their thoughts, habits, actions, lifestyle etc are not enhancing their own lives and your life it is totally ok to outgrow them. If they want, they should also grow up or remain there. Especially those ones you have tried to support them to rise, and they do not care.

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I know a friend who had bought books for the brother, he will never read, she will pay seminars for him to attend he will not attend but will be gambling, hanging out with local champion smokers and his life is going no way etc. A common university degree he does not have. There are people like that.

It is part of life to have people who will discourage you from even trying to be different. Still choose to be different.

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable