How to Leverage on Other People’s Time by Javnyuy Joybert

How to Leverage on Other People’s Time

I will also validate the concept that “Money can buy time”.

Yes is true the poor the rich have access to the same 24 hours each day but the poor and the rich do not utilize their 24 hours the same way.

One sign of growth in your success and wealth creation journey is your ability to leverage on other people’s time and achieve what you want.

Leveraging other people’s time is not the same as using people do not confuse the two. This means, having employees do some of your routine tasks or outsourcing to an agent or institution. For example, here are some ways to leverage on other people’s time and focus on your core activities.

1. Pay a driver
I keep telling my friends I do not have money to buy a car now because I do not have money to pay for a driver yet. If I am driving I cannot read, I cannot analyze the business problems of my clients etc. Travelling from Yaoundé to Douala by road take roughly 4 hours sometimes 5 hours and to me that is a lot of time to just sit (waste) and drive so I prefer to leverage on the bus drivers time and focus on important things that will directly influence my work

2. Pay for laundry and pressing services
Instead of doing your laundry yourself for 1 to 2 hours, outsource it to a laundry house and focus on key things.

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3. Pay for a cleaner, house help or house cleaning agency
Instead of cleaning your house and other stuff for several minutes and hours, leverage on someone’s time by paying them to do it.

4. Pay a flight instead of a road trip.
Douala to Yaoundé by flight is roughly 40 minutes if Camair-co is efficient which cost 39 540frs but road is roughly 4 to 5 hours which cost 3000frs or 5000frs or 10 000frs (VIP). Douala to Abuja takes averagely 1 hour 15 minutes costing between 430 000frs to 502 000frs. While Douala to Abuja by road will takes roughly 8 to 12 hours costing you not up to 100 000frs I guess. A rich man will travel by plane arrive, have some important meetings, sign deals visit beautiful places while you are still showing your ID card somewhere. The rich person bought more time with his money by paying for a flight.

Do you now see how the rich buy more time? Because you cannot do all these if you are broke or poor.

Keep working towards your beautiful future and as you grow start being tactical by seeking ways to buy more time so you can focus on core activities that produce results.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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