He was seriously regretting his actions so far….by Javnyuy Joybert

He was seriously regretting his actions so far….

While passing through Rond Point (Douala) I saw one of these street guys seating helplessly and talking to himself and I over heard a few words I as walked by

He said ” What kind of life is this, on the street and all I can do is get drunk, smoke, get into fights…..”

Many people (young and old) are where they are not because of village people, Cameroon government etc but because of wrong priorities and actions taken over the years.

I always say “Before you blame someone for your failed life make sure you have done your utmost best in taking the right actions”

You maybe tired of your present life right now, life must have thrown several challenges at you. Truth is, we can always change.

Yes you can change into a productive person, grow your impact and income.

Your life will not change unless you make a change. You can push yourself forward to greater productivity, well-being, and most of all happiness.

We live in a noisy world where there are so many different options. Don’t go for the easy one, don’t go for the one with short term benefits. Is time to be mission driven.

Truth is if some young people don’t take the quantum leap from the wrong lifestyles to productive Lifestyles, someday they will sit (with regrets) and wish for more.

If you are not where you want to be in your life, career and financially… then something has to change. Start the change!!

Happy New Week!

Javnyuy Joybert

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