Cameroon Music Industry – Musicians Tapping Street & Corporate Money? By Javnyuy Joybert

Cameroon Music Industry – Tapping Street & Corporate Money (Special credit to Maro Elias)

The Cameroon music industry is a clear example of being Strategic when it comes to selling talent.

The majority (if not all) of Cameroonian musicians do not make any serious money selling songs. As much as platforms like Boomplay, AudioMack and even Apple Music are trying to solve this problem, the incentive and tendency to disintermediate [sic] still remains high.

The majority of people would rather get the free versions of a song than out rightly pay for it, regardless of how much they value the artiste.

So how does a Cameroonian artist buy a house, and another a Mercedes Benz Jeep?

Follow this…

Speaking at TGFI Gospel Music Awards

When an artist creates a song that goes viral or becomes a hit, album sales may not necessarily bring in the money, what happens is that the value (fan loyalty and Influencer value) of the artist that sang the song goes up.

He starts getting called to perform at shows. The show organizers recognize his value (fan loyalty level), and assume that his/her presence at their event will subsequently attract his/her fans.

They’re usually right. The idea is that these fans who already have your song (that they refused to pay for) on their mobile devices will still pay depending on the nature of the event to watch you perform a song they already know, and have downloaded on their mobile phone.

Subsequently, top brands like MTN, Orange Cameroon, UBA, TOTAL etc looking for ways to connect with the fans of an artist will pay a premium price (endorsement deals), to have the artist use and wear their merchandise to promote their product.

Are you following me?

That’s why in the music industry in Cameroon the professional character of any artist who desires to go far is very important. What they represent and how they inspire and influence their fans should go beyond their music.

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It takes more than talent to build a successful career

In other words, the song is not the product, the artist is. So when I see an artist that is disrespectful, having this very horrible character, sounding arrogant etc I actually feel sorry for them. Some of them even though talented may never go far because who they represent only ends in the street and they can only make street chicken change (money).

I was Coaching a top artist in Cameroon some days back I raised some of these things and he saw how horrible he has been leading his career.

Thank you

Javnyuy Joybert

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