If YOU settle for less, you are a disappointment to the god within you

“If YOU settle for less, you are a disappointment to the god within you” Javnyuy Joybert

Young, middle aged, old it does not matter. What matters is, do you realize you were made for more. Do you realize your living up to expectations and living up to your potential could just be the answered prayers of another human or a Community?

What if you were meant for more? What if you were the one holding yourself back? What if you didn’t have to remain this way?

Many of us have disappointed the god within us by leaving below average, leaving below our potentials. Give your life meaning and please there is no specific age for living life to the fullest and adding value to humanity.

It takes commitment to change your life for the better; it takes investing on your personal development and harnessing that which is inside of you. Spend time to discover the god inside of you.

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know who you are & what you represent. Be clear of your personal identity. You can wait for opportunities. Or you can go out there and create your own opportunities. The latter is definite and much more empowering. Believ you were created for more.

Tips on how not to settle for less

1. Do something unique: Intentionally try do something unique or challenging daily or week or monthly

2. Take risks: People who don’t settle for less, take risk. They know the reward is greater than the risk

3. Focus on the things that matter. Pay attention and commit to relevant and important things

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