Do you know which activities in your life generate the greatest value? Javnyuy Joybert

Do you know which activities in your life generate the greatest value?

Few weeks back, this 46 years old man came to my office for coaching and after talking for about 10 minutes he made a profound statement that got me quiet for about 2 minutes and he was quiet too with his face down.

He said and with many regrets on his face “Coach J, I have wasted a lot of time in my life”

Let me ask you this question again;

“Do you know which activities in your life generate the greatest value?”

Or better still,

“Do you know which activities in your life are presently wasting your life”

When you waste your life with the wrong activities Success only happens by accident. Accidental success hardly happen anyway. One sure way to be successful is to design your living and the first step is to surround your living with activities that generate the greatest value.

“Your ability to do the right things better can and will transform the rest of your life tremendously” Javnyuy Joybert

Examples of activities that can generate you the greatest value

  1. Build skills, experience or expertise.
  2. Serve someone or an institution (volunteering)
  3. Attend development & industry events
  4. Read development and professional books
  5. Build a core network of high performers as friends
  6. Plan your day, your week, your month, your year etc
  7. Be an early bird (Get off bed before 4am or 5am)
  8. Carry out physical exercises

And many more

The point is, find your core activities that directly engineer a better life for you now and in the future and ruthlessly discipline yourself to practice.

Do you know someone for whom things always seem to work out? It is like everything they touch turns to gold, and their lives just seem to get better and better year in year out? And the fact is, their lives are getting better and better. Well, check those out you will learn something incredible.

I do not need to list things that waste people’s lives. We (you) know those things. Is time to make a decision?

Hear this, we reap what we sow, and we get out of life what we put into it. Therefore, if you sow smoking shisha you will reap it, if you sow taking hard drugs, smoking, hangout with wrong friends you will reap that etc.


Kill non-value added activities.




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