Some Key Codes (10) of Successful Living by Javnyuy Joybert

Some Key Codes of Successful Living
Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

1. Craft a short message that you can use to explain what you are all about. Until they understand you, they cannot relate with you from the place of value.

2. Practicing and perfecting your niche or high income skill will make you a fortune.

3. Master a way you can quickly, easily and humbly show people the value that you can bring to the table.

4. Having a life and or career mission will increase your drive and make you standout.

5. It is your responsibility to know what to do that will lead to your growth. Be a seeker in this light.

6. Dig and understand the relevance of new things to your brand and way of living. For example, how will blockchain be relevant to teachers, lawyers, business men etc.

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7. Have a list of important things you want to accomplish that would make this week, this month, this year a big success in your heart and mind.

8. Outgrow miscommunication. Master the art of communicating the right way through all core channels (face to face, public speaking, video, audio etc)

9. Learn how to cultivate your own joy even in the midst of challenging difficulties and stressful emotions.

10. Remove resentment According to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, people struggle to give praise in relationships because of underlying resentment. If you resent someone and they do something good, you opt out of praising them because you don’t want to reward them in any shape or form. In the process, you’ve just punished them for doing what you want. And you will be hurting yourself internally.


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