iPhone 14 Launch & Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs – Javnyuy Joybert

I will strongly recommend young entrepreneurs to watch the Apple 14/Pro/Accessories Launch Event video on youtube.

Do not just watch to enjoy the event like a normal person.

Entrepreneurs are not normal people anyways. I want you to be a Chief Observation Officer as you watch. You will pick some important tips. Forget the fact that Apple is a trillion dollar company and focus on what they are doing that you can practice in your little corner to push growth.

Watch with a deeper perspective.

Look and think about the following and more as you watch;

  1. How the whole pitching process was organized and executed to give us a seamless experience to fully understand.
  2. Think of how they involved Apple employees in the process. Employees who have full understanding of the product features.
  3. Think of how they used customers to give feedback about products. I love the apple watch process.
  4. Think of the content and how it involves product features and core solutions these features bring. The content is not shallow.
  5. Think of how they went further to present the technical process or capacity of each product. They even went to mountains to communicate the message.

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  1. Think of how they focused on carefully explaining the innovative features especially around health care and safety (car crash presentation with data).
  2. Look at how they anticipated their product shortcomings and recommended ways to manage (for example battery life and long flights and they recommended battery saving actions)\
  1. Listen carefully to the quality of words they used throughout the presentation (For example Incredible, Amazing, Excited, Accurate, Powerful, Precision, Next Generation, Most Advanced etc). These words are critical to create transformation.
  2. Understand how Apple has been able to merge tech, healthcare, mobility, sports, etc to create incredible solutions… just incredible. Through this they will create more user base.
  3. Understand how and why they established alliances with top brands like Nike and Hermes.

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  1. Think of how they are very conscious of first time customers and returning customers. They are intentional to ensure they (first time and returning customers) have that incredible experience.
  2. Think of how Apple understands the new standards they are setting in the mobile phone industry and how they are communicating these standards to get the attention of customers. Tim (CEO) even described apple watch as “The Gold Standard for Smart Watches”
  3. Understand how they talk about extensive planning and testing with customers and partners to be sure the best experience is achieved so customers can enjoy effectiveness.
  4. Look at the pride of the presentation. You cannot sell a product you do not have confidence in and you are not proud of. One of the Apply employees said “There is nothing like iPhone 14”. Tim (CEO) said “I am excited to share our most innovative line up of iPhone 14 pro”

As I always say, there is no guess work in any business process. From production, to packaging, to branding, to marketing, to sales and distribution

Do not just watch like an average consumer. Watch like someone who creates products and services and intends to sell them to millions.

Jump on Youtube now and search for “Apple Event — September 7” get a bottle of juice, cross your legs, hold your Bae/boo (if you have one), get a notebook and enjoy. After that visit https://ppversity.com/ to take a business certified online course.

I hope you learn valuable lessons you can practice as an entrepreneur.


Dr. Javnyuy Joybert
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