Brief Note 4: “Customized Technological Leverage (CTL)” the perfect baptism name

The client is in Berlin Germany I am in Douala Cameroon and we developed his business strategy seamlessly. While the client is satisfied my bank account is satisfied without me paying any flight ticket. Please do not ask for tithes


You can call this “Customized Technological Leverage (CTL)” the perfect baptism name


Follow me…


CTL is a tactical model I developed when COVID-19 came hitting in 2020 and I could no longer travel to speak and consult and the only option I had was to recreate.


It takes 3 basic elements to make maximum use of CTL

– Building a solid digital identity

– Your ability to source out credible information and act on it

– Your ability to use the various virtual workplace tools effectively.


We are in the age where with the right knowledge, skills, tools and attitude you can sit in any location, create impact and make money in any country in the world.


Every professional, every business person should be asking this 1 billion dollar question “How can I use technology to establish a long-term competitive advantage?” If you do not have the answer then my consulting services are beaming towards you.




Javnyuy Joybert

Business Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

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